Seramis Planting System


Luwasa specialises in indoor plant hire. We at Luwasa Indoor Plant Hire Melbourne strive to improve the quality of our services that we provide to our customers. One of our efforts is that we have introduced The Seramis Planting System for all our plant hire services. This new innovation in modern planting we believe will revolutionize the plant hire industry and we are proud to be one of the first to initiate this system into our services.


The Seramis Planting System is currently being used globally in significant and prominent corporate buildings, hotels and shopping centres such as JW Marriot Hotels, Changi International Airport, Westin Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Renaissance Hotels and many other 5 star hotels globally.




What is Seramis?        

The Seramis Planting System Consist of the Seramis Clay Granules, Seramis Water Indicator and Seramis fertilizers.

Special water retention features allow each granule to store more than 100% of its weight in water at the same time as draining any excess. Because Seramis has a stable structure and will not decompose or compact, the water storing capacity is permanently maintained. The space between the granules also remains stable and allows air to permeate through the roots. These characteristics give us the opportunity to control watering regimes, nutrient formula, airflow and PH levels.

In brief, by using The Seramis Planting System, we are able to grow and maintain healthier, better looking plants for all our customers, we are also able to use less water on the plants but for better more effective growth! With our system, we use very minimal soil and this will reduce bacterial activity in soil and improve the hygiene for all our plants! Besides all these benefits, The Seramis system does not only make our plants look good but also gives the surroundings an extra lift in appearance! We love to be different!!

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Seramis Planting System
Seramis Planting System
Seramis Water Indicator

We strive to create added value and innovation for our clients by utilizing modern plant hire practises


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